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Iwate Biotechnology Research Center

Founded by Iwate Prefecture in February 1992, the Iwate biotechnology Research Center promotes applied research that has emerged from various prefectural experiment stations, while augmenting its own fundamental research activities with such biotechnological innovations as genetic recombination, cell fusion, and cell culturing.

Under the auspices of Iwate Prefecture, the Center focuses on basic biotechnological research and inquiry. A continuous, hands-on approach to collecting and disseminating the very latest information in biotechnology takes researchers to various academic and research organizations in order to remain up to date in this rapidly evolving field.

Remaining up to date involves communication, and the Center holds a variety of seminars, lectures, and consultations concerning current issues in biotechnology.

Above all, the Iwate biotechnology Research Center is dedicated to advancing practical applications of biotechnology in the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and food industries. applications that ultimately will shape the very future of Iwate Prefecture.

Iwate Biotechnology Institute

The government of Iwate Prefecture plays an active role in promoting applied biotechnological research. Key areas include microorganism applications in the food industry, and creation of superior seedlings through plant tissue culture.The prefecture maintains a number of specialist research facilities, including centers devoted to research and testing in the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

The prefectural government has identified a real need to focus on fundamental biotechnology research in areas such as generic recombination and cell fusion in order to broaden the scope of applied research. Until recently, research and examination centers in Iwate were forced to rely on universities and national organizations to access this information.

As production, technology continues to improve, however, competition within the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries has mounted. To maintain a competitive edge, regional demand has increased for a fundamental research organization tailored specifically to address the needs of Iwate Prefecture.The Iwate Biotechnology Institute was thus established to promote fundamental research in biotechnology, to access the latest information and technology through the cooperation of related prefectural research organizations, and to work on original cultiver development. Through its talented research staff, the Institute is realizing these goal today.

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Scale/Site area: 19,740 sqm

Total floor area: 3,662.1 sqm